Computer Science

SPECTACLES - Autonomous Wearable Displays

Bericht aus ORF heute (Jänner 2010)
Institut für Pervasive Computing

Wearable see-through displays overlaying the user's real view with computer-generated display output have gained as a potentially effective means for a variety of mixed reality applications (e.g. in medicine, industrial maintenance, mobile information systems or even tourism and sports). Such multimedia, wearable see-through spectacle systems allow to create a visual perception of the real world visually merged with a virtual world by annotating real life objects with computer-generated data to real world objects. The user is enabled to access any kind of information, unobtrusively adapted to his current situation, while not having to give up paying attention to his environment or conducting his tasks.

Beschreibung: SPECTACLES - Autonomous Wearable Displays
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Press: ORF berichtet über die Spezialbrille für Chirurgen

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